In The Hole of Secrecy

A Tale of One Man’s Quest to Save His Country
A Screenplay/Novel By: Charles Fantroy Jr.

IN THE HOLE OF shmoop SECRECY is a suspense filled espionage story in the similar mold as the Jason Bourne trilogies; though it has a unique story plot.
At 17 years old, Bucky grapples with a low self-esteem and delves into the viral world of computer romance. Sooner than later in this venture, Bucky is entangled in a long distance relationship with an alluring beauty from Ossetia Russia; named Ivanya.
Having never seen how Bucky looks, Ivanya is dying to meet him, but he’s reluctant. Bucky confides in his best friend Ricardo who is the total opposite of him. Ricardo is handsome, outgoing, and willing to take the trip to Ossetia, Russia; with the intentions of posing as Bucky.
Traveling on a train in Russia, Ricardo unexpectedly comes across a gold disc. Unaware that the disc gives the know how to assemble a biological chemical, Ricardo places the disc in his carry on bag. The disc was placed there just a few seconds before by a biological chemist named Nizkoff. In a haste to elude two assailants who were following him, Nizkoff stashes the one billion dollar discsociology term paper under the seat of the train.
Once meeting Ivanya there’s no denying the charm charm of Ricardo’s advances. In a web of coincidence Ivanya is not only the goddaughter of Njzkoff, but she is also the daughter of the advisor to the president of Russia; a ruthless man named Kawazki, who has a life tong grudge against the United States. Kawazki is adamant about retrieving the disc, with the purpose of selling it to his long time friend, Ahmad Dinaj; who happens to be the advisor to the president of Iran.
Shortly after his return home to Washington D.C .. Ricardo would have never guessed that the gold disc that he found would inevitably be the cause of those closest to him being killed. And what follows is a trail of bodies that leads Ricardo back to Ossetia, Russia where it all began.
In pursuit of Ricardo is a conniving overzealous F.B.I. Agent named Donaldson. who has recently been appointed the number one ranking position of Terror Tactical Force; better known as T.F.F. This elite group is stationed in Quantico Military Base in Quantico, Virgjnia. T.F.F. is a secret branch of the federal government; that on paper doesn’t exist. Donaldson in his pursuit to apprehend Ricardo is out for a little bit more than the truth, and is willing to do anything to get his hands on the disc.
Ricardo is eventually tracked down and wounded in Russia by Donaldson and forthwith back to the United States. Donaldson trains Ricardo under the alias, Czar. Czar becomes Donaldson’s secret assassin when it comes 10 the annihilation of individuals in foreign countries; namely, Abu Dubai, North Korea, Iran, Nicaragua, and even an archbishop in Milan, Italy.
As the plot unfolds, Czar comes to realize that not everything is as it seems. And in the midst of it all, he finds that his life is in danger by a total stranger: the illusive and notorious assassin, Ruse De Guerra,

This screenplay/novel is the first of a series.
Thank you in advance for your consideration in possibly being the creative voice in making IN THE HOLE OF SECRECY a motion picture.


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