Daily Poetry

Inhale me breathe me full of love in our rustic orange dreams in a dusty rose forgetfulness and a place of forgotten feelings touch my soul keep me there quiet perfect and whole © Kait King, 2015 via The Colour of Forgotten — The writer’s blogk wordpress Please follow and like us:

I thank you all for the support

I thank you all for the support of my newly released poetry book, MY LIFE: POETIC LITERATURE. And I welcome any questions or comments. Also, be on the look out for my soon to be released novel, IN THE HOLE OF SECRECY where you can visit my website at (thenoblewon.com) to view a short synopsis …


There surely must come a time when we acknowledge that the shortcuts of yesterday have brought no fruition to our plight today.     Can you honestly say that at a time in your life taking the shortcut has hindered you? Please follow and like us: