Collected Poems review



I wanna be read about, but not to be chastised about.  Hopefully something positive that the young youth can read about; and that can encourage them to be led in the right route.  I’m gonna continue to think in the way that I do, because I know that the thoughts that I formulate are true.  I wanna be at a time and place that’s fit just for me, seeing individuals that can actually relate to me; that’s the place that I fight to see.

The strong will of a Man.  The past is behind me, but I can foresee it creeping back up on me.  This life that I live is a shallow feeling, I’m here to let all know.  A rollercoaster of a ride, continuing to tumble down a tumultuous slide, never seeming to end.  I just wanna continue to find it in my heart to always wanna win.




The strong will of a Man.  There’s rules to the game and consequences when you lose.  The game outweighs the consequences because it can be played with many moves.  The game of life is enough; you must be nice to blossom in a world that’s filled with strife.


The strong will of a Man can give many the chills, the realization is so.  The strong will of a Man will continue on to the extent many will never know.  Before the strong will of a Man departs, I have a dream that’s deep rooted in my heart.  My dream is to embed into the youngsters’ morals and values from the front door, giving them insight on what’s in store; relaying my message from the ceiling to the floor.  I have a revelation that in which was born from my own freewill.  It took for me to reside behind concrete to express how I truly feel, but to the world I will proclaim that the words that I reveal are real.




Could it be growing colder as my feet begins to numb.  That is the life of a Man whose evanescent soul may never see the sun.  Why must it be cold in the most warmest of climates?  Could it be the tension and self-absorption which freezes my soul?  I feel as if I’m numb, but yet and still yearning to strive on as a Man should.

Could I explore a world that I have yet to see, or will my maneuverability continue to be hindered in a world that I don’t wanna be?

Could it be that I’m in a trance, as if to be Cinderella’s secret admirer waiting to attend a dance.  I don’t know, but up until that dance, I’m going to maintain my stance.


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