A Ten Year long Yearning for the Truth
A Screenplay/Novel By: Charles Fantroy Jr.

Tony Walker at 27 years old, pleads guilty to manslaughter and is sentenced to serve five years in Sing-Sing State Penitentiary. Not too long after arriving. Tony witnesses a vicious attack while on the phone. One man is killed and Tony IS falsely accused of the horrific crime.

After being confined in isolation for a number of months and not speaking a word to the authorities as to what he saw on that fateful day; Tony is eventually returned back Into general population. A few days after being released from isolation, while working out on the rec-yard. Tony is confronted and overpowered by two Mexican men who demand that he kills their boss, Sonny Cardoza. The following morning Tony stabs to death both men in the cafeteria’s bathroom.

Several months after being released from Sing- Sing, Tony gets a knock on his front door from Sonny Cardoza, As the boss of the Pololosso crime family, Sonny holds an unwavering respect for Tony, for not only refusing to carry out the order of Sonny’s two disloyal men, but also killing them both as well. Tony is offered a position in Sonny’s crime family; making him the only Black man in the organization; despite the disdain from all of the other members in the crime family.

Sonny’s right man, Victor Santana has an undying hatred for Tony. Victor frames Tony, leaving Sonny no choice but to give the go ahead and have Tony and his family killed.

On Christmas Eve, Tony and the mother of his son, Diane are killed by Sonny’s men. Tony’s eight year old son, Bobby Walker is spared death by being hidden in a secret compartment in Tony’s bedroom closet.
Bobby Walker at ten years old is adopted by the Robinson’s; an older couple who lives in Washington D.C. When Bobby graduates from high school he travels back to New York; the city he was bam in. Almost immediately, remnants of the past come to life during a violent encounter in Bobby’s childhood barbershop. Bobby goes through the arduous journey of finding the reason behind his parents death. And in doing so. enacting revenge towards those who were responsible.

The plot thickens when Bobby falls in love with a beautiful young lady name Aisha Not wanting to become too close to her, for fear of putting her life in danger, possibly in the same way as his father did his mother many years before. Bobby desperately tries to shun Aisha out of harm’s way, and finds himself trapped between a web of love, and a ten year long yearning for the truth.
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